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Friends still talk about the day, almost twenty years ago when Hypnotic Poison first came out and I eagerly spritzed myself in a store whilst on a day out at the beach.It turned into an overwhelming cough syrup cloud which just wouldn't wash off no matter how much soap I used.It's just too sweet and a bit..loud, I guess I would say.

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One department store had worse test bottle: Warm must be bad to almond and coconut. As well as the price, prevents the peppery effect me to buy the bottle. I am getting a "dry" vanilla,which I love in scents. My most sincere review for this powerhouse must be considered as an outlier because it literally repels me so i’m keeping them for me. but the truth is on my skin, all I get is play-doh, and 0 marzipan.The woody, floral (especially jasmine), plummy and caraway seed notes come out more after the dark chocolate candy bar opening (which on this cold winter day lasted about 5-7 minutes.) There is also a minty note present (imagine a dark chocolate mint) and since mint is not listed in the notes, I'm not sure what might be causing it.Anyway, it doesn't last too long, it melts into the creamy vanilla background in around 20 minutes from first spritz.I do get that slight root beer float vibe and it is definitely the almond that does it as I get the same smell in Guerlain's l'instant magic and they share that almond note. I can't just throw it on and go otherwise it's too much for me. I love the smell of this perfume but it just hasn't got any muscle power to last the day!!! Like cherries, followed by the Almond cream note in the EDT.I'm really glad I have it but I think my 30ml bottle will last ages. The drydown for both is warm, vanilla Almond cream with a tiny bit of earthy patchouli note.

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