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Apparently according to a few fellow atheists I know, your profile may be deemed unsuitable, it's a site for mainly theists.

Even if it's not a specific theist / atheist situation, they probably have some very specific life goals they're looking for before they accept your profile as a compatible match.

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Their clear instructions make it easy to brew a delicious and balanced cup, and the beautiful packaging makes a lovely gift.I have the impression that e Harmony probably works because it has a very specific set of relationship criteria, maybe DINKs allowed, maybe not, maybe the suburbanite yuppie with the beamer and the white picket fence.I don't know how it works for blind people but Plenty Of Fish and Match are supposed to be pretty good. Not unless they have a way for you to hear voice clips.I had one date on there but it didn't work out cause there was just no chemistry. Sometimes, just sometimes, I wonder about the old fashioned matchmaker or matchmaking places..before everything became I know someone who tried e Harmony and under religion put atheist.They sent him a note saying his religion preferences weren't compatible with a relationship or something.

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