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These free software offer various features, like: communicate with your associates or colleagues on a local area network, work on the basis of peer to peer technology, tray popups, audio alerts, buzz emoticons, spell check, optional bridge for connecting two local area networks across WAN, private chat, broadcast chat and group chat, does not require any type of server, specially build for corporate, medium and small offices, enhances the business productivity and internal communications, notes, reminder, remote desktop sharing, file transfer, instant messaging etc.

So, go through this list of free P2P chat software and see which ones you like the most.

This free peer to peer chat application lets you send smileys and receive and send files.

This freeware automatically identify users in a network.

This freeware lets you send and receive messages between users connected on a local area network.

TSR LAN Messenger provides security and safety to messages and connection by using AES encryption. Live2support Instant Messenger and Organizer (L2S-IMO) is a free P2P chat software for your computer.

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TSR LAN Messenger is a free peer to peer chat software for your computer.To test this thing out, Mashable's Christina Warren and I just went to the same link (let's say It even blocks others from entering once there are two participants, so you know your privacy is protected.Once we were there, Tiny Chat connected to our webcams and ... Tiny Chat's system is dead-simple, and we love that.It can also give delivery reports for those messages which you sent.There is no need to configure your ip or various network details to start this freeware.

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