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Almena called himself a 'yogi' Mixed-up: A typical display from the Ghost Ship's website showed how elements of Christianirt (the candles) were mixed with an apparent Buddhist prayer flag (top peft) and Hindu items (the garland and the larger flag) The Ghost Ship building is littered with statues sinister-looking painted skulls and other religious symbols from Western and Eastern traditions - items collected by Almena and his wife Micah Allison during their travels There is no evidence Almena was himself practicing the Hindu religion, but he appears to have picked from elements of it in his 'art' and his father-in-law had previously told Daily that he spent lengthy periods in Bali, the majority Hindu Indonesian island.

Almena called the warehouse alternately the Ghost Ship or the Satya Yuga collective. One hand could be charming, making you feel you have great ideas, very able to persuade people in that way. Top row L-R Donna Kellogg, Nick Gomez-Hall, Travis Hough, Nicole Siegrist aka Denalda Nicole, Chelsea Faith Dolan, Barrett Clark.

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He's trying to protect his family right now.''There was an argument over money and Almena tried to beat my friend up and I videoed it on my phone. Third row from top: Ara Jo, Cash Askew, Sara Hoda, Draven Mcgill, Michela Gregory, Johnny Igaz.

” Marcus is the good guy, presented as a reliable businessman-type; his various professional pursuits in the art world and fitness training industry are not quite clear, though, he rocks suits really, really well.

Yet, while he is the stereotypical “good guy” he’s pretty self-righteous and irritating in his quest for love (which does actually resonate with real life online dating).

Mack declined to expand on her complaint.'That place was absolutely safe, he's a very strong man.

The level of compassion comes out to anyone he invites into the warehouse, from taking people in off the streets and feeding and clothing them for a night, to doing what he can to create this whimsical world for imaginations to grow, he's an amazing man, Micah is an amazing woman, they're children, great, absolutely great.'When asked if Almena was running what could be compared to a cult, Perrault replied sternly: 'That's completely false and I'm not going to go into detail why that is false other than to say it's an art space.

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