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The Niche Builder Model Learn our simple 3 step T P = C model that takes the guesswork out of what to write, how to get visitors to your site, and how to profit from those visitors even if you dont have your own product or service to sell.

Authority Blogging Learn how to easily become an authority in any niche, and what content to create so people will share links to your site, and how to even get other people to write content for you.

Link Tracking & Organizing Use our link tracking feature to organize your affiliate links and product links all in one spot, and track the number of clicks that each link receives so you can track where and what visitors are clicking on.

Most website hosting companies give you a website and then leave it up to you to figure out the rest. We've combined over 20 years of online marketing experience and simplified it down into a 6 module training course that teaches you everything you need to know about how to get your blog generating profits for you as quickly as possible.Lead Generation & Email Marketing Learn how to convert your blog visitors into leads that you can then use email marketing to cultivate into customers who buy products and services that you own or recommend and generate automated profits from.Affiliate Marketing Learn how to promote products and services that you dont own and get paid a commission from those sales.We also can help you install any Word Press themes or plugins and we're here to help fix any issues or problems that you might have with your Word Press blog.If your site breaks becasue of a broken theme or plugin, NO PROBLEM! What I like about the system is how the tech just isn't overwhelming.

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