Mobile sex chat operator in the philippines

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Hong Kong-based Scottish expat Aidan met David, a Filipino health worker, through Grindr back in January 2014.A weekend volunteer for his friend’s NGO, the green-eyed Aidan shares with me how he used Grindr whenever he visited new cities.

In the immediate aftermath of Haiyan, patchy mobile phone signal notwithstanding, survivors longing for intimacy turned to Grindr to arrange discreet meet-ups with aid workers, who themselves sought distraction.“I wanted to tour Tacloban like I would other cities – with a friendly local who could show me around. ” Aidan chatted with David on Grindr and agreed to rent a motorbike with him for a tour of scenic San Juanico Bridge.In a separate interview, David gives me his own version of their meet-up.Can the 20 year old be criminally charged simply because he had cybersex in a chat room? So in this case it would be okay to believe the other persons age, since you cannot see or hear them and it's just words on a screen?I had a feeling a prosecution would say that ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law...

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