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The focus is on Daniel Bryan's retirement, Brie's impending retirement at Wrestle Mania and Nikki's serious neck injury. "We might never get another Wrestle Mania moment again. The show, they are at is obviously Wrestle Mania 32. While Roman Reigns and The Usos are getting their bags with Trinity.Paige, Eva Marie, Natalya, Renee Young, Trinity(Naomi) and The Bellas are all shown in slow motion walking backstage. Brie Bella is approached by fans, who ask about Daniel Bryan and wish her sister Nikki well.Sad that she is leaving, but that it opens up a spot for one of the females to emerge on the roster. With Rusev proposing to Lana and giving her an engagement ring.She leaps for joy and starts screaming "Oh My God" repeatedly.At the table, Trinity tells Maryse that she had heard rumblings about a falling out between Maryse and The Twins.

Paige and others talk about their upcoming 10 woman tag team match. How she wishes that Bryan could be with her, but he can't.

Highlights include The draft, Daniel Bryan's return to The WWE as a GM, Paige's mental breakdown and controversial relationship with Alberto Del Rio, Nikki's return to the ring, The relationships of Miz and Maryse, as well as Dean Ambrose and Renee Young.

People who have been fans of the wrestling games for many years will remember Kane’s crazy pyrotechnics, sure to drive an audience to their feet in a frenzy.

Which saw Brie do her signature Daniel Bryan moves and winning the match with The Yes Lock. Nikki off camera talks about how bittersweet it was, to share the ring with her sister for the last time. How she got to travel the world and says that she can be still be an ambassador for the WWE in the future... Samoa Joe, Sara Del Rey and Peter Rosenberg among others.... Nikki says that she is proud of the fact that no one will ever beat her Divas title reign.

Corey Graves is shown at the broadcast table talking to Renee Young. Footage is shown of Lita's Wrestle Mania announcement, where she unveiled the new WWE Women's championship. That she now has a new goal of becoming the longest reigning WWE Womens Champion ever.

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