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The benefits of parental investment to the offspring are large and are associated with the effects on condition, growth, survival, and ultimately on reproductive success of the offspring.

For example, in the cichlid fish Tropheus moorii, a female has very high parental investment in her young because she mouthbroods the young and while mouthbrooding, all nourishment she takes in goes to feed the young and she effectively starves herself.

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This is common in social Hymenoptera due to haplodiploidy, whereby males are haploid and females are diploid.

Care can be provided at any stage of the offspring's life: pre-natal care including behaviours such as egg guarding, preparation of nest, brood carrying, incubation, and placental nourishment in mammals; and post-natal care including food provisioning and protection of offspring.

An alternative to Fisher's theory is Trivers' parental investment theory (PIT) proposed in 1972, in which he focuses on how parental investment in humans affects their sexual behaviour.

Extensive parental investment is known in a wide range of small-brained animals, including some species of fish, amphibians and insects.

Therefore, the bigger brains in mammals compared to most other animals cannot be due to a minimum parental care brain size.

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