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Easily manage your bandwidth by configuring the download and upload speed of each customer’s account. Sell high speed access for an additional fee, or save more bandwidth for VIP customers.Control wired and wireless computers, smartphones and tablets without any client software installation.Although developed using Java technology, the application works with Flash and its interface has ample room for personalisation to fit in with the theme of your site.View full description Adding a chat facility to your website is a great way of building a community and ensuring that people come back time and again.

Demo controls 3 simultaneous users, Lite 20 users, while higher editions control unlimited users.

Mars Wi Fi is a free Windows program that helps users share a Wi Fi connection with any other device.

In essence, Mars acts as a hotspot that turns your computer into a wireless router.

Don’t fear, though—Mars provides a secure network that prevents other devices from access so you’re personal information is never compromised.

Users can also personalize and customize their settings, including changing device names, speed limits and black-listing specific devices and computers.

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