Hot girls on wechat

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If that person can talk back to you and there is chemistry, it’s a good thing. So far I haven’t had that much rejection – maybe I’m playing it too safe!

What do you think Chinese girls are looking for in a guy? They just want to see a tall, blonde guy, with blue eyes, big nose…that’s what they want.

There is something naïve about the girl in this story; in the west we are far too wary of catfish to go off alone to meet a strange man in a dingy bar at midnight. So you’ve been in China for 2 years now; do you prefer western girls or Asian girls?

So is this naivety part of what gives Chinese girls their charm? Compared to western girls, Asian girls are a lot more feminine and cute.

There are so many single people roaming the streets of Guangzhou looking for a quick hook-up or something more. It's , the day single Chinese people covet for their online and in-shop bargains, but what about the ones that don't care about shopping and just want love, for one night or eternity?

Our sister site, City Weekend Suzhou, has put together a much-needed ultimate China Dating Guide, for all you confused lotharios and wanting women.

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There is a certain type of western man here in China who sees it as a rite of passage to hook-up with as many Asian chicks as possible.L: My ideal man is a good man, someone who treats me well and follows his dreams. Would you consider settling down with a western guy? You still have to be handsome and smart to snag one of these girls in a real life situation, although I guess the exact criteria vary across the board, as with any demographic. If its just a casual hook-up you’re after, use an app.Don’t take it for granted that girls in the ‘real world’ will be throwing themselves at you.Being a girl, I have experienced my fair share of unwanted attention in bars and clubs the world over.As a western girl, part of me is relieved that the attention seems to have dwindled living in Guangzhou, but I don’t know if it’s down to the combination of the food and climate over here that have left me looking like a less sparkling version of myself, because the abundance of exotic Chinese beauties on offer are more attractive, or because everyone gets together using apps nowadays.

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