Getting back into dating scene after divorce

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This in turn diminishes their abilities to feel, and may lead them to the misimpression that "the right man" will open them up.

These women then seek "dramatic tension" in future relationships.

Just be sure, in your own mind, what the objective is, and that will make it easier to achieve.5.

Let fiends know that you are back on the scene Don’t keep it a secret; let your friends know that you are on the scene again.

These mistakes may cause you to seek out the wrong partners, or have unrealistic expectations of the dating process.

If and when you strike out, you may lose your motivation to keep dating.

Here are a few: About the Author: Rebecca Medina Rebecca Medina is an experienced family law attorney serving the Fresno area.

She handles cases ranging from complex divorce matters to child custody, spousal support, domestic violence, and uncontested divorce cases.

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One of the biggest emotional challenges we face when divorced is getting over our concerns about dating.Some of us fear that the "dating game" has changed so drastically, we won't be able to live up to its new (and, we expect, hardly improved) rules; others worry that dating may in fact be everything we remember -- including the broken hearts.While we dread the unknown, we are more afraid of the consequences of missed opportunities: after all, if we don't get back up on the dating horse, the odds are a long shot that we'll ever ride into the sunset with our true love.This is a new start, so be prepared to try new things.8.Look nice, for you Prepare for dates by making yourself look nice for you, not just for your date.

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