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Despite the craziness of many parts of his story, I found very little evidence that Bucceroni has changed his tune.Yes, the web of evil he’s spinning seems to grow by the week, but all details are consistent throughout the numerous outlets he has spoken to. Dates, times, places, and dollar amounts included in his recounting of events related to Savitz and Sandusky haven’t changed.He says that Louis Freeh, the former FBI director who conducted an independent investigation at Penn State, never explained why his investigation went back no further than 1998.Bucceroni believes that’s because Freeh was afraid of what he might find, especially as it relates to – remember, Bucceroni’s assertions here – the mafia, which Freeh investigated and subsequently wrote a book about.Last month, I interviewed Greg Bucceroni, the school police officer (and apparent former mobster) who claims that he was abused from 1977-1980 by powerful Philadelphia businessman Ed Savitz, who died of AIDS while awaiting trial for doing all sorts of vile things to young boys.Bucceroni says that Savitz took nude photos of him and tried to pimp him out to Jerry Sandusky.Bucceroni has spoken to many media outlets – some independent, some mainstream – about his alleged abuse. I don't know anything about what he's talking about, and none of it's true," Rendell said.He claims that Ed Rendell and other famous and infamous men covered up a massive child sex ring involving Savitz, Sandusky and others. "The guy is just crackers." Bucceroni says that he contacted senior Deputy Attorney General Joseph Mc Gettigan, who prosecuted the Sandusky case, in July and that Mc Gettigan was "rude and obnoxious" and tried to talk him into giving false testimony. He said he doesn't know Bucceroni and doesn't recall ever speaking with him.

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Recent reports have strengthened his claims, and the details, dates and characters in his story also check out, but there’s nothing other than his (powerful) words that place him in these situations.

He says he was offered 0 to have sex with Sandusky at two Second Mile events in 19, respectively.

On both occasions, Savitz refused to leave Bucceroni overnight in Happy Valley and brought him home, once allowing Bucceroni to go back to Philly with “a fat slob,” who molested him.

The details he gives are specific and there are very few inconsistencies in his recounting of events that happened over 30 years ago, so there’s no legitimate reason to doubt his tales of abuse and meeting Sandusky.

The conclusions he draws from those stories, however, are, at best, theories.

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