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It also has over a ton of displacement so could be used for lifting some big anchors or chain.The mast next to it must be for broadband access for the fish farm at the Moll.Tis a bit dark and early for continuing with yesterdays work just yet so who knows, I may even start on my VAT return.Yesterday was a pure peach, despite the ‘sailors warning’ sky and perfect for what I was doing, which was sat on a dumper for most of the day, two dumpers in fact for my first task was to go and collect one from Sconser at .

Then it was back to a rather busy Sconser to await Kevin and Caleb and the JCB.The boys unloaded it and the pickup as I also had cement, drainage coils and wooden boards arriving.Kevin donned his hard hat and safety harness to climb on the back of his pickup to unload it, I kid you not, I wasn’t allowed to help, talk about HSE gone mad, it’s a friggin’ van not three storeys of scaffolding!!!There was finer stuff that was eminently suitable for patching holes, this went into the 1 ton machine.Then there were large rocks and chunks of tarmac for rod cuttings that went into the 3ton machine.

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