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They are still beautiful with slight sea-sickness, just don t display them next to a tan Jesmar for example, it will exaggerate their sick look.

KT factory kids are tiny, small well formed hands and smaller eyes sometimes. On the 4 KTs they have one arched eyebrow, it is so cute. Bean Butt Babies were from the WS and SSfactory and are prone to pox as well.

Germany, distributed by Arxon - Kuschel Kinder means Cuddly Kids Italy - I Bamboli del Campo Incantato means Field of Enchanted Dolls Sweeden - Kal Ungarna translates to Cabbage Kids Finland - Kaalitarhan Tenavat means Cabbage Nursery Peanuts Denmark - Kålhoved børnene translates to Cabbage Children Tsukuda, a factory in Japan. They produced Caucasian kids only with head molds 1-4. The eye paint on them never set completely, so the eyes would stay sticky. Triang only produced Caucasian kids with head molds 1-4.

The Tsukuda kids have beautiful complexions and butterfly patterns in the eye paint. They produced head molds 1-4 and A/A and Caucasian kids. The papers have only one name written in English and Japanese. Replica Clothing There are some amazing seamstresses that make clothing replicas and collectors that will pay high prices for them.

A question for Collectors: Q: Is there a method to the madness. How to Identify you r Cabbage Patch Kid These are some basics for beginners to look for when adopting.Their heads tend to turn orange and get sticky and they are prone to Pox.Pox is the worst cabbie sickness, The P factory kids get dark spots, and the PMI kids get pinpoint dots surrounded by a light spot we call reverse pox.If possible, always ask questions about the tag, signature, and head stamp info if pictures are not included.Signatures 1983 - Black 1984 - Green Preemies and Foreign kids had Black siggies this year 1985 - Blue 1986 - Red 1987 - Aqua1988 - Lavender1989 - Rose Xavier Roberts signature is on the bum of each authentic Cabbage Patch Kid. If there is no date the year can be identified by color.

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